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*   Any unauthorized use of Axiom’s trademarks including logos, devices, labels etc., (hereinafter collectively referred as Trademark/s) is prohibited.

*   Axiom may authorize its Partners including Licensee(s), Authorized dealers and or distributors of Axiom products/services, with whom Axiom shall enter into a         specific Agreement also outlining the usage of Axiom’s Trademark during their Partnership.

*   The use of the Axiom’s Trademarks by any authorized third parties is restricted only to the duration of their Partnership/License, and any use shall cease                   immediately on the expiry or termination of such alliance.

*   Axiom’s Trademarks must be displayed in a prominent and uninterrupted manner by suitably placing it on a solid background with contrast, on all products               distributed, and on any marketing, advertising, and other promotional materials concerning the products or services offered by the Partner/Licensee. It could be     placed on a patterned background, provided that there is significant contrast.

*   Axiom’s Trademarks must never be cluttered by other elements such as text, photographs, illustrations or background textures and should be displayed using         the preferred colors whenever possible.

*   Axiom’s Trademarks cannot be altered, outlined, rearranged, skewed, or modified in any manner by separating it into component parts or texts or by way of             adding additional shadows, colors, text, or any other design features. However, the logo may be resized, as long as the graphics are not distorted or cropped.

*   Axiom’s Trademarks must not be displayed adjacent to any material that might be offensive to some people (e.g. nudity artwork, suggestive artwork, profanity,         racial remarks or symbols, or otherwise offensive graphics).

*   Axiom’s Trademarks could appear secondary in size and placement to the Partner’s own Trademark or identity provided, but must be visible and clear.

*   When using Axiom’s Trademarks on a website owned by a Partner, it must contain an active hypertext link to the official website of Axiom (http://www.______ )

*   Partners/Licensees should never adopt or register any Trademark that is similar to or competitive with the Axiom’s Trademarks.

*   Partners/Licensees should never use the Trademarks in any way that disparages the Trademarks or the good will of Axiom or any of its entity.

*   Partners/Licensees should never use Axiom’s Trademarks to identify products or services that are not covered in their Partnership Agreement.

*   Partners/Licensees should never use Axiom’s Trademarks in any manner that suggests the partner’s/licensee’s affiliation, sponsorship, certification, or                       endorsement of any non-Axiom software materials, including but not limited to a product, service, magazine, periodical, seminar, or conference. A disclaimer in        this regard, should be included on the publication and all related printed materials.

*   Partners/Licensees are prohibited to transfer, sub-license, assign or distribute Axiom’s Trademarks without the prior written consent of Axiom.