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Discover BI-FocalTM - Real-time Business Intelligence and
                  a Predictive Analytics Platform

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Empower Your Healthcare
Institution with Data Nuggets
that Matter

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Unravel opportunities as you transform from
volume to value based care

  • BI-FocalTM Overview


    BI-Focal is a healthcare analytics product providing real time business intelligence at the point of care. It is designed to ‘follow-the-patient' through the entire episode of care to improve efficiency, maximize health outcomes while minimizing costs. BI-Focal is an invaluable tool enabling decision makers to make effective, evidence based decisions at the right time, while our rich, easy to use interface and pre-built reporting tools enables quick and easy root cause analysis. BI-Focal’s depth and breadth of solutions spans across the providers’ challenges.

  • Point of Care Intelligence

    BI-FocalTM and 'Point Of Care Intelligence'

    BI-Focal transforms silos of disparate data into role specific, actionable intelligence at the point-of-care. BI-Focal integrates data to give a comprehensive picture of the patient. It helps to identify clinical and operational trends and best practices resulting in role specific actionable intelligence at the point of care.

  • Episode of Care Analytics

    BI-FocalTM and 'Episode of Care Analytics'

    BI-Focal enables providers to understand care delivery patterns at a holistic level. BI-Focal provides actionable intelligence to reduce cost of care delivery by identifying variations in care episodes and prevalence of potentially avoidable complications that contribute to sub-optimal outcomes and higher-than-expected costs.

  • Population Health Management

    BI-FocalTM and 'Population Health Management'

    Proactively manage population health with predictive analytics, care coordination and cost-effective post-acute care plan management. BI-Focal helps to create a single platform of care transitions through the care continuum to enhance the information exchange and collaboration. Providers can identify at-risk patients and stratify patients for pro-active personalized care.

Let's join hands,  work together and reap the benefits of last frontier for data analytics & BI.